Updating Holiday Content for Pinterest

Updating Holiday Content for Pinterest

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During slow times it’s a good idea to update content so you’re ready once the crazy starts. If you haven’t dusted off the archives of your holiday content, the time is now. Let’s get those holiday posts ready to dominate on Pinterest.

Before we begin, let me say this; Updating old content can be an overwhelming task. As bloggers and business owners our “to do” lists are LONG and some days it doesn’t feel like we’re making much headway.

Take these ideas and break them down into smaller bites. Start with your top ten holiday posts that drive the most traffic, and update those first. If that’s all you have the patience to do, fabulous! If you’ve got the bandwidth for more, have a VA help you compile a big list of old posts that could be updated using these tips.  Tackle them in groups of 5 or 10 and you’ll be through them in no time.


Are your old images Pinterest-friendly? Long image, text overlay, alt text description complete for SEO? If not, change out the text overlay and use only 1 or 2 fonts (Sans Serif please, not scripty fonts). If the old photo is doing well and trending with Pinterest users, consider adding another one to the post and pinning it. You can also upload directly to Pinterest. Don’t forget to link to your page!

For those who sell products, I highly recommend making a Pinterest image for your product page and directly uploading it to Pinterest. This can link to groups of products or a single product. If you’re on Shopify, make sure you apply for the Buy It button.


Pinterest users like to click. Yes, we do.

Are you giving them more related content in your post? If you have a fantastic weeknight chicken dinner that’s killing it in traffic from Pinterest, add some more links to the post! This can be done by adding internal text links, small photos of other content tactfully placed through the post or a related plugin.  Pinterest users are ready to buy, so give them something to look forward to!


Start promoting your holiday content at least 6 weeks before the holiday!

Christmas is the exception to this rule. We’ve found that you can easily start updating Pinterest Holiday content in August. With the switch to Smart Feed, there’s some delay with posts getting into the system. Starting super early to give those posts time to work their way through the system is smart planning.

Mix up your of and other people’s content showing that you’re a helpful resource in your niche.

Don’t have any holiday content to update?

Try choosing 5 posts that are getting traffic and updating those for Pinterest using the suggestions above.


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