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Introducing Pinterest Academy

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With the right tips, it’s easy to succeed on Pinterest.

That’s why Pinterest is rolling out Pinterest Academy.

It’s a free e-learning tool designed for businesses new to Pinterest. It can help you get started on Pinterest’s unique visual discovery platform, discover the benefits of their ad products, take advantage of advanced targeting and other features—and lots more.

Pinterest now offers access to half of the courses to businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany. Later this month, they’ll provide access to all courses.

Pinterest Academy is a series of fun, smart online courses you can access from anywhere on any device. Go through them at your own pace, learning how to connect with your audience on Pinterest. You’ll get information on how to design Pins, inspire visual discovery and incorporate Pinterest best practices.

The Academy’s 9 courses help you learn how to use Pinterest Business for your business and your clients. Each course should take around 2-5 minutes to complete.

The entire curriculum can be finished in under an hour. But it’s à la carte: you can take only the courses that are useful for you.

The first five courses available now provide a basic overview of the Pinterest platform, and are now live for select partners.

They include:

  • Pinterest Narrative
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Creative Strategy
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Targeting and Buying

The last four will go live later this month. More hands-on, these courses walk you through the steps of setting up a business account and then planning, launching and measuring the success of a campaign.

  • Setting up a Pinterest Business account
  • Planning and strategizing a campaign
  • Building and launching a campaign
  • Managing and measuring a campaign

Pinterest has also made some updates to its team’s serving agencies.

Pinterest is unifying their global agency and ads partners teams under the leadership of longtime Pinterest veteran Yolanda Lam, our Global Head of Agency and Ads Partners.

“Pinterest is the home of inspiration and our insights deliver unique value to marketers and agencies who want to understand more deeply how audiences, shopping behaviors, moments and trends can help their pursuits,” Lam says. “Our Ads API partners already use our data today to help our advertisers and agencies, so it is a natural complement to our team’s work with global agencies who are always looking to break through with us.”

Since people use Pinterest to make their plans happen—whether it’s something small like finding weeknight meal ideas or big like decorating a new home—they’re open to hearing about brands and products. Pinterest believes that the Academy will help you understand the unique opportunity on Pinterest, and how you can use it to grow your business.

What’re you waiting for?

Sign up for Pinterest Academy HERE.

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