How to use Pinterest for Your Photography Business

How to use Pinterest for Your Photography Business

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Are you using Pinterest for your photography business yet? we’ve educated thousands of wedding photographers through online education. In this blog post, we’re sharing how to use Pinterest as a photographer and whether this digital marketing strategy can bring you more clients! 

How to Use Pinterest for Your Photography Business

It’s no surprise that Pinterest is a hot spot for photographers. Pinterest is THE platform for curating and collecting beautiful images. For brides-to-be, moms searching for the ideal family photo, or even commercial photography, Pinterest is the resource for visual ideas.

But did you know it’s also a great place to attract new clients?

Just read some of these stats from a Pinterest webinar on weddings:

  • 81% of engaged pinners start planning on Pinterest before they’re even engaged
  • Per year, pinners save over 900 million pins on weddings
  • 40 MILLION people use Pinterest for wedding planning every year

Getting Started on Pinterest

Take a few minutes and jot down some notes about your ideal client. Is she a bride? Is he the owner of a product-based business looking for stock photography? What about families? Are you hoping to attract clients for family or newborn photography?

Create at least ten boards, with one board dedicated to ONLY your content (for e.g., Pinterest Everything). Pin your content from your website and blog (another strong reason to blog; you can put more of your own personal content on Pinterest).

TOP TIP: When creating boards, choose the “wedding’ option as a category! This one is an easy “gimme” indication to the platform that your content is about weddings.

Consider making boards that will attract your ideal clients with the nine or so other boards.

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Wedding Bouquets
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Wedding Venues
  • Family Photoshoots
  • Commercial Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • Blush Wedding Ideas (or insert ANY color or style). Maybe pick a few that reflect your style
  • (Local) Weddings: e.g., if you live in Vancouver, make sure you have a “Vancouver weddings” board (or maybe a few).

Don’t Forget to Use Keywords

Remember, Pinterest is a very visual platform, but it is also a search and discovery tool like a search engine. Use keyword-rich descriptions EVERYWHERE. Get my top tips on keywording your Pinterest account here.

Get Local

The most valuable technique you can use is to “get local.”

Use keyword descriptions on and in your boards to attract clients to your geographical region. If you are hoping to attract a bride in the Vancouver area, use the keywords “Vancouver Bride” and “Vancouver Weddings” in all your board descriptions and in your Pinterest descriptions. It will rank you higher in those searches and lead to bookings. Use this tactic and get creative with boards in your region. Don’t forget to add your local area to your Pinterest profile.

Collab with Others on Pinterest and Tailwind

Play nicely with other photographers and join group boards to get shared. Consider starting or joining Tailwind Tribes (What’s Tailwind? Get started here) and automate your Pinterest strategy by sharing others’ content as well as your own.

Find local florists, wedding vendors, and others who can create group boards with you (and share a common style) to share content.

Be Consistent

Maintaining yet another social media strategy is time-consuming and requires some effort, but you can’t ignore the insane power of Pinterest!

Local keywords are underused and undervalued, especially if you live in a smaller market. Considering a paid promoted pin might be a worthwhile strategy if you use keywords to target local clients. In multiple markets or willing to travel?

Make sure you use a variety of keywords to reflect that (“international photography” or separate boards to reflect the locations where you are willing to work).


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