How to Reach Your Local Audience on Pinterest

How to Reach Your Local Audience on Pinterest

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Most people understand Pinterest to some degree and know that if they have an online business, it’s a helpful marketing tool.

However, there are other marketing niches that some people have a hard time wrapping their brains around – one of these being local vendors.

When we say local vendors, we mean a therapist’s office, hair salon, spa, construction company, or anywhere that has a physical retail location AND doesn’t sell products online.

Some of these business owners have difficulty getting their bearings on Pinterest. We’ve shared a lot about local service providers (especially those in the wedding industry) and how they can capture leads through Pinterest.

Because Pinterest is a lead generator, it is a way to produce awareness. The way that we try to accomplish that with a local business is to find a way to connect with the user and prompt them to come to your physical location. This all happens in the keyword search component of Pinterest.

Pinterest is all about building awareness and showcasing what you and your business have to offer.

Brand Your Profile and Add Your Location

The first thing you need to do to target local audiences is to have a Pinterest profile that communicates your branding and is optimized for your location.

In your settings, you can set your location, and you can also write your location in your profile description. This allows people to know where you are located as soon as they look at your profile.

You also want to use keywords in 3 specific places:

  • your profile
    • your board names and descriptions
    • your pin descriptions

Remember that the names of your boards always need to include your location.

We talked about this in the wedding episode, giving examples like “Wedding Venues in Portland” or “Wedding Photography in Portland.”

Consider Using Instagram As a Landing Page

Hair salons are big on Yelp. One of the cool things that I’ve seen happen on Pinterest is that my daughter was searching for a haircut on Pinterest and someone had pinned something from an Instagram page.

On that Instagram page, the owner had a lot of different images of haircuts she had done and her location was tagged on every one of them. So even though I didn’t find her location on Pinterest, it was available on Instagram.

If you are a hairstylist, you can lead them to your Instagram using Pinterest.

People save images of haircuts all the time. I don’t recommend that you use the name of your business as the pin description, but since you want them to remember you, insert your location at the end of your description.

The whole idea of your profile branding and choosing these board names is that you are talking about the service you’re providing, your physical location, or the people you work with.

Pinterest wants really great 2:3 images. Create pins that have multiple images in them demonstrating the services you provide. Create a text overlay using keywords to add to the image. A lot of people use Canva or PicMonkey to create their images.

The text overlay needs to communicate what the user will find on the other side of the pin.

People are always looking for great ideas on Pinterest. if you do a great job of showcasing what you have to offer, they are more likely to want to click on your image.

Take the images you created and pin those to the boards you created when you branded your profile.

Search for Your Audience

When you begin creating content, you need to think about what your audience is looking for and browsing for on Pinterest. We talked about keywords and images, but what is it that they are trying to find?

Go to the search bar on Pinterest, type in your location, and search for what you want to share.

See if there are people searching for and pinning those types of pins.

I don’t think a doctor or a dentist would be a good fit for this unless they sell an online product. Yelp might be better for them.

But for those in a design space – real estate agents, wedding vendors, hair stylists, spas, fashion boutiques – Pinterest can be an amazing lead generator.

Make sure you are pinning regularly and looking at what other people are creating for the same type of content as you. Keeping consistent is what will help you to capture those leads.

Use Promoted Pins

Once you really get into Pinterest marketing, you can start using Promoted Pins, which you can target by zip code. You don’t want to dive into promoted pins management until you have mastered the basics.

If you start with promoted pins before you know what truly resonates with your audience, you will have pins that just lead to a home page and won’t actually secure you anything. Master the basics before you wade into the paid advertising waters.

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