How to Grow Your Email List with Pinterest

How to Grow Your Email List with Pinterest

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Do you use Pinterest to grow your mailing list? Pinterest is not just a go-to place for ideas and inspiration. It’s a huge search engine that business owners, like you, can use to build your email list. Here’s how you use Pinterest to grow your mailing list with targeted visitors.

How to grow your e-mail list with Pinterest

Email marketing is alive and well!

Any of these statements sound familiar?

“… e-mail marketing is dead!”
“… these days, communication happens mainly via social media and chat boxes.”

Well actually, e-mail marketing is enjoying a bit of a come-back. In fact, it never really disappeared in the first place. People are getting tired of the continual social media “noise” and alerts. They want to be more in control of the information they receive. Subscribing to e-mails they are truly interested in is a great way to filter their information stream.

According to a recent French study*, e-mail marketing is a real asset when guiding your readers towards a purchase decision:

  • 81% subscribed to one or more mailing lists (average number of subscriptions is 6.4)
  • 76% make an online purchase from the sender’s website after clicking on a service or product link included in an e-mail.
  • 75% will visit a physical shop to purchase products or services mentioned in an e-mail

With stats like these, making e-mail an important part of your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

Optimise your Pinterest page

Growing your mailing list with Pinterest requires a strategic approach. First of all, you need a Pinterest page that attracts the right kind of people who will subscribe to your mailing list.

How to grow your email list with Pinterest?

Your page is fully optimized? Excellent! You’re ready to move forward.

CONTENT – Your website needs to have content that brings real value to your readers, i.e. your future clients. It is this content that will feed your subscription engine. If you already have a lot of content on your website, take a look at your analytics (Pinterest and Google) and note down which articles generate the most site traffic.

VISUALS – Create a Pinterest image for each of these articles. To ensure that they attract attention, your images must be eye-catching with an irresistible message that makes people want to click to find out more. Make your images stand out.

LEAD MAGNET – You must have at least one freebie as an incentive for potential new readers to leave you their e-mail address. The content that drives the most traffic to your site must contain a subscription button or box from where people can sign up and download the free product you have on offer.

TIME TO PIN! – Once you have put all these elements in place, it’s time to create and publish pins directly from your website. You should pin a variety of content every day.

Pinterest gives you a marvelous opportunity to reach your target audience. Your favorite clients search for inspiration, advice, and ideas on Pinterest. You can get them to sign up for your mailing list by attracting their attention and providing valuable content.

In summary: Optimize your Pinterest page, offer a valuable a freebie, publish inspiring and valuable content that matches the searches of your future subscribers. Publish regularly and strategically on Pinterest.

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