Are Followers a Big Deal on Pinterest

Are Followers a Big Deal on Pinterest?

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Are Followers a Big Deal on Pinterest?

I don’t believe that followers are the most important metric of Pinterest marketing, but I do know that they are important to a lot of people!

Today, I’ll share four tips for increasing your followers, and I’m going to share a bonus tip that I think you should test.

Do Followers Really Matter on Pinterest?

We get asked about followers all the time. Do they really matter?

We completed a study on the relationship between Pinterest followers and page views a few years back in order to answer this question. We discovered that a person who had 10,000 followers could get the same amount of traffic as someone with 50,000 followers.

Cool right?

Here at PE, our goal is to deliver traffic to our website. We funnel as many leads as possible to our clients and they get to decide where those leads land (an email list sign up, a product sales page, etc.). Our study helped us determine that followers aren’t really all that important because followers don’t directly correlate with traffic on the platform.

Pin to Reflect Who You Want to Attract

As marketers, we always want to be paying attention to what our audience needs.

97% of Pinterest user searches are unbranded. They are not loyal to people, brands, or companies. They’re strictly interested in the pins that’ll inspire them, help them accomplish their goals, or dream about what’s next.

Pinterest knows this about their users by tracking the search data and the keywords they put in the keyword search bar.

Followers are important to the social media world and they do tell a story. But Pinterest followers are not as important as Instagram followers, because the intent of users on each of these platforms is quite different.

We know that followers are important to some of you though (e.g., for demonstrating reach to potential sponsors). So we want to give you the tools you need to continue to grow your followers to serve a greater goal in your business.

To quote our friends at Tailwind:

“Every pin you share is a reflection of you as a pinner.”

Make sure your profile, boards, and pins reflect who you are and what your account/niche is about so that the people you want to follow you will be attracted to your content.

Now, on to the tips…

4 Tips for Growing Pinterest Followers

1. Tell People to Follow You

My first tip is pretty obvious, but it’s the most important one. Tell people to follow you on Pinterest.

I know that many of you feel like you’re annoying people by asking them to follow you. But think about it this way – if I find your content on Pinterest and I click through to your website and I love what I see, I would be excited to follow you on Pinterest.

2. Post on Other Social Media Platforms

There are two specific ways you should be posting about your Pinterest activity on other social media platforms.

The first is to tell your audience that you’re on Pinterest.

Ask them to follow you in a post with an image of your Pinterest boards or with a swipe up link in your Instagram stories. Maybe your Instagram followers haven’t even thought about you being on Pinterest and just need a nudge to take action.

The second way to leverage your social media accounts is to post about a specific board that’s applicable for the current season or what you’re currently promoting.

Let MiloTree Help

I’ve talked about this on the podcast before, but we do really love the MiloTree pop-up. I started using the app in 2016 and within 8 months I had gained 1,000 followers. Almost three years later, I’ve gained over 20,000, as of March 2019.

Milotree is not a sponsor. I mention it because it’s a tool that we really love.

I love this product because it’s passive If you’re already getting a lot of traffic to your site, it’s a great way to gain awareness for your other platforms.

MiloTree currently costs $9/month. The company that created the product tests it out on their own site to make sure it’s working perfectly all the time.

Post a Link In Your Email

This sends the reader directly to whatever pin I want them to go to. It only takes about 15 minutes to gather and insert the links, but the results can be great because now your audience is sharing your content on Pinterest for you.

Also talk about why you are using Pinterest as a place to share your content and why you love it. Again, maybe your audience doesn’t know you are on Pinterest, and they just need to be made aware!


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