My name is Debbie, and I write here at Pinterest Everything.

I’ve been blogging since 2003, and blogging then was a completely different animal than it is now.

Back then, I started my first blog because I had something going on in my life, and writing about it was like therapy.

Now…we start blogs not just for the cathartic benefit, but to make money while helping others at the same time.

At the moment, I own a network of blogs (7 or 8), and I use Pinterest to help drive the traffic that monetizes them all.

I love blogging because for the most part, control over what I publish and how I publish it, is completely up to me. Notice I said, “for the most part”.

Traffic for your blog or online business is one of the things that can be totally unpredictable.

Pinterest is a simple, but complex vehicle. Simple for those who use it primarily to search and save DIY projects, wedding ideas and recipes for the not-so-distant future. More complex for those who write about DIY projects, wedding ideas and recipes.

I am the latter.

Pinterest has been a life saver when it comes to my blogging business, and I totally enjoy sharing it with my clients and blogging audience.

Not so long ago, I built a blog that was getting no traffic after 3 months. I did everything I could think of, and some of those efforts produced a trickle of traffic, but not anywhere NEAR what I wanted.

With all the algorithm changes, and setbacks, I gave up. I walked away from doing what I loved out of frustration.

It took me 8 months to come back, and when I did, it was with a new determination to find a platform that worked to drive traffic.

I figured out how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to that blog, and subsequently built others.

Pinterest can help you bring much needed traffic to your blog or e-commerce business, and I’m here to help you do just that.