3 Tips for Creating Customer Growth on Pinterest

3 Tips for Creating Customer Growth on Pinterest

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3 Tips for Creating Customer Growth on Pinterest.

All businesses need new customers to grow. But too often, online marketing tactics focus on customers who already know what they want to buy—instead of expanding their reach to include people who aren’t yet sure what they want to buy.

This can help encourage growth and continue to create new customers. The businesses who create the most customers on Pinterest do 3 things really well:

  1. Reach for the unexpected
  2. Tell great stories
  3. Give credit where credit is due

Reach for the unexpected

98% of Pinners report trying new things they find on Pinterest.1 The interesting word here is “new.” A search that starts with “Fourth of July,” might lead to “summer parties,” which could then lead to a search for “outdoor furniture.” This is how discovery works. Getting your business to show up online in unexpected, yet still relevant places, can increase the likelihood of people saving your Pin or clicking on your ad. This is that sweet spot where a person becomes a customer.

Are you only targeting the expected brand or product terms online right now? This could mean you’re just acquiring a certain volume of customers rather than adding growth and creating new customers.

To create customers, use Pinterest’s expansive interest targeting options to bring your Pins right up to the edge of relevance—where people find new ideas and businesses find new customers. Launch campaigns with broad interests targeting all placements, and optimize to the best performing sub-interests.

Tell great stories

Does your Pin look like a display ad from 2005? Does it lead to a landing page that has nothing to do with the Pin? If your answer was Yes, then that’s why your clickthrough or conversion rates aren’t where you want them to be.

The best-performing Pins lead Pinners to new ideas with engaging stories. An idea-first Pin, with the product or benefit as the hero of the story, should clearly convey your idea right away. Provide a clear call to action (visit, shop, try) in the image or Pin description.

Give Pinners a reason to act with a clear value proposition (special offer, benefits, sale, price). The Pin description should also include details like the brand, product, and key features or benefits. And your landing page should complete the story, fulfilling the desire created by the Pin.  

Give credit where credit is due

So how will you know if you’re creating new customers? You have to understand where they come from; customers aren’t just dropped on your doorstep. They’re inspired, engaged, loved—and eventually, they make a purchase.

To ensure you’re creating customers, use a 30-day attribution window to identify where and how your highest value customers are created.

Take care of your campaigns

Just like taking care of your customers, you need to take care of your campaigns. Ask yourself these questions as you’re setting them up:

  1. Is my targeting helping me reach people in unexpected and new ways? Am I creating or collecting customers?

  2. Does my Pin tell a great story and lead to a place where someone can take action? Am I telling a great story with my Pins and landing pages?

  3. If I’m growing my customer base, is my attribution window setup in a way where I can measure accurately?