3 Reasons to Automate SOME of Your Pinterest Marketing

3 Reasons to Automate SOME of Your Pinterest Marketing

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Today we’re going to discuss why you should automate some of your Pinterest marketing.

Everyone wants to be more efficient with their Pinterest marketing so that they have more time for content creation.

1. Automation saves time.

Automation is a time saver. Automating some of our Pinterest tasks has not only been a huge time saver, but also a mental relief because we have a good system in place.

If you’ve never run a time audit on your week, give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how much time automating your Pinterest could save you.

2. Automation Ensures That Your Content Gets Out

You put so much time and effort into creating your content and products. You can’t just sit around and hope other people come along and pin it for you. YOU have to make sure you’re getting your content out there.

Whether your goals are sales, leads, or clients, you need to ensure that your site is getting that all-important traffic.

3. Automation Provides Consistency

Inconsistent pinning – not only does Pinterest not like it, but you can’t tell what is working and what isn’t. You have to be strategic with Pinterest marketing in order to see the results.

Pinterest wants you to be an active daily contributor on the platform. Don’t get hung up on a specific number of pins to share. Just focus on sharing your content consistently on the platform.

Make sure you’re looking at your Google Analytics to find out which of your posts are getting the most traffic so that you can utilize those posts. Focus more on your own content than on the posts of other people.

Keep in mind that you can’t totally forget about your Pinterest, even if it is automated.

You should be looking at your analytics to stay updated on what’s happening with your blog or website. You can’t take a “set it and forget it” type of mentality. If you do that, over time your traffic will decline.

When you set up your automation and forget it, you’re not taking the seasonality of Pinterest into account. You have to be thinking and pinning about an event 45 days before it takes place. If you’re pinning about Valentine’s Day in October, Pinterest isn’t going to be showing you in the smart feed because your pins aren’t relevant to what is being searched for at the time.

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